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CFI Supplies specializes in design and installation of water treatment systems, combining advanced filtration, membrane technology, ion-exchange and chemical treatment, bottling and bottle blowing technology . The company offers superior quality water treatment for drinking water as well as for industrial and agricultural applications, with minimal maintenance requirements.

Mission Statement

The goal of this organization is to raise the health standards of the people of Africa to a level that complies with worldwide norms, in addition to offering efficient water treatment solutions to everyone who needs them. The company attempts to relate to all socioeconomic classes while also reaching all individuals in various geographic and demographic locations. The availability of water treatment technologies suited for various market sectors enables this specific goal to be accomplished.

At CFI Supplies, we will never lose sight of the fact that improving your quality of life is our first objective, and that includes protecting the environment. Our products' cutting- edge engineering ensures a decrease in energy usage and operational costs, both of which result in a smaller environmental footprint.

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