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With so many different water purifiers and water filters available, choosing the best water treatment system for your unique needs can be very difficult. We can assist you in finding a water filter system that meets your specific needs. In Botswana, we provide a variety of different water filters and water purifiers for household usage. Our systems are custom built, ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient solution as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ product. We are able to offer full technical support starting at the source, right through to your finished product.

1. Commercial and Industrial Systems

Due to its quality, water that is taken directly from the raw water source is rarely suitable for drinking or for use in industrial, commercial, or manufacturing processes. The potential to recover this priceless resource for reuse within operations is made possible by the treatment of effluent or process water.
• Reverse Osmosis System
• Sediment Filtration
• Big Blue System
• Bacterial Control

2. Domestic and Residential Systems

There may be a number of problems with the water in your home that need to be fixed, including hardness (mineral deposits), turbidity (dirt suspended in water), and poor tastes and odors (chlorine odor). The presence of nitrates or other potentially dangerous impurities in your water may also be due to substances you cannot even see. The best, purest drinking water is what you need to provide in addition to fixing the water at each faucet if it looks, tastes, or smells unpleasant. CFI Supplies whole-home water conditioning solutions assist you in getting there.
• Under the Counter Filters
• Counter Top
• Complete Home Filters Range
• Borehole and River Water Solution

3. Cartridges, Consumables and Accessories

CFI Supplies also offers a wide range of other types of sediment removal and media cartridges including Ceramic, Pleated Paper, Activated Carbon, Silver Impregnated GAC, KDF, Cation-Anion Resin, Phosphate Crystal, Activated Alumina, and various other specialized media. These cartridges are available in standard or made-to-order forms depending on the requirement of each client.

4. Installation and Maintenance

We are your partner in the purified water sector throughout the entire life cycle, from the planning of a plant to maintenance and service. We work closely with you to design the most suitable package, depending on your systems and requirements.
You've made an investment in a water treatment solution for your company. Service and maintenance are key in maximizing the return on your investment and ensuring that your core operations are not interrupted. You need water and water is OUR business! So, let us take care of your all your water needs so you can focus on the things that really matter.

• Scheduled replacement of components.
• Analysis and interpretation of the operating data.
• Calibration of all quality and process sensors.
• Traceable and transparent replacement of all seals and membranes.
• Rapid deployment of mobile maintenance personnel.
• Offsite remote system monitoring by trained water treatment plant specialist, should Client opt for this service.

• High plant availability.
• Optimized operating cost.
• Offsite system management with remote monitoring and control.
• Safe system operation.
• Continuous system improvements.
• Undertaking specialized activities on your behalf.

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